Pediatric And Neonatal Interfacility Transport via Commercial Flight

It is a well known fact that the babies are the most delicate creations of God and hence need extra care and protection in any case. Many a times it happens, that the babies are needed to be shifted to other places for emergency medical treatments but due to lack of funds, parents are unable to do so. The pediatric neonatal interfacility transport via charter flights is an expensive affair due to which not every parent can afford it. Considering the importance of life of a small patient, Life Savers Ambulance Service has come up with the brilliant idea of shifting a baby from one place to another via commercial flight in very low cost. Under this process, the baby is shifted in a regular pram with ventilator on it via commercial flight on normal economy seat under the observation of doctor and paramedic. This reduces the expenses from lakhs to few thousands which open huge scope for the parents who are willing to get the medical aids for their babies at far places but cannot get the one because of high costs. You can avail the service by directly contacting us on the numbers- 09650960348 | 09891233040